bare-knuckle-headerJamie Beale, Tom Cory, Callum Moloney, Ben Lythe, Tom Turner, collectively known as Bath’s band Bare Knuckle Parade, ‘sing until your jaw is broken’ drinking songs…Now they share this rather clever video – directed by Chris Porter, shot in one single take and edited in reverse – for ‘Come Alive’, released on Dirty 38 Records.

“There was such a powerful atmosphere on set because there was this constant feeling that something was going to get out of hand – says Porter – we created all the realistic elements of what could’ve been a riot, an extra even left the set with a broken nose…In fact it was so convincing four armed police cars arrived on set, apparently the locals were terrified!”.

‘Come Alive’ is a track that clearly delivers their first “no bullshit” engagingly raw and genuine modern rock offering, included in the band’s upcoming debut album, which is released in Summer 2017.

“This song came out of such an organic place – says frontman Jamie Beale – and rings true with all of us…there is an underlying sense of freedom and release in this track that we all felt when we recorded it in the studio…and that same feeling is present every single time we play it live – it’s a no bullshit record!”

On recording live and self-producing, the album in an old theatre, guitarist Tom Cory says: “Recording our music live is important to us as our live shows are always chaotic, we wanted to capture that energy on record by just setting up in a room and making some noise without being tied down to a metronome! ”