Everyone loves a good T Shirt, right? We at Fame may be at the cutting edge of fashion, trends and all that is cool or interesting in the world, but sometimes a nice T Shirt is the only way to go!

Imagine our delight here at Fame HQ when we found a website that not only featured thousands of unique tee designs, covering everything from pop culture to movie, TV and sci-fi themes, but one where we could find images of works by legendary (and firm Fame favourite) graffiti artist Banksy. The brilliant site in question is 8Ball.co.uk, and we simply had to find out more about their inspiration and design process.

When we contacted them, 8Ball Designer Jim Witts was more than willing to shed light on the mystical workings of this ultra-cool tee store:

“The inspiration for our designs comes from a wide range of sources. Everybody here is always looking out for anything which could inspire the next big seller.

Not just the design team, but everybody who works here is encouraged to bring ideas to the table.

We try to react to current affairs with our political and slogan tees, and are always on the look out for anything ‘trending’ at the moment, be it an internet meme or something in the ‘real world’.

And of course, we also look to start trends ourselves!”Jim went on to say:

“The idea is to offer a diverse range of tees so that anybody who comes to 8ball will find something which they like, rather than to specialize in one area as a lot of our competitors do.

So whether you want a tee to make your mates laugh, one which is going to make you look uber-cool, or one to get you thrown out of church then we have the tee for you!”With that in mind, we once again scoured the site (spying many tees inspired by some of our favourite TV shows and cult programmes along the way) and simply had to ask Jim one last question: How do they keep adding fresh, new, topical designs at such a relentless pace?

Jim explained: “As for the design process itself, we are very lucky to have a range of brand spanking new digital t shirt printers which makes the scope of what we can do almost limitless. Anything I can think of can go straight from my brain and onto a shirt (via various computer art packages) without any compromises being made due to limitations of the production process itself.

We were among the very first companies in Europe to install this cutting-edge technology, which has given us a head start getting to grips with it.

8ball is a really fun company to work for and hopefully that comes across in our designs!”

It certainly does, and we can’t wait to parade around proudly in our very own Banksy T Shirt.

You can pick up your own unique t-shirt by visiting www.8Ball.co.uk.