Bangkok Nightlife: Guide To The Best Nightlife Areas In 2020

When you hear the word Bangkok, nightlife comes to mind. And why shouldn’t it be when this place comes to life when the night sets in. You’ll be awed by the numerous sites you can explore because Bangkok is, no doubt, THE place for nightlife experiences. The location is sprawling with areas that can entertain any tourist or local looking for great party. 

Bangkok is peppered with nightlife spots, from night markets, clubs, ladyboy shows to dinner cruises. After exploring Bangkok’s Buddhist temples and shrines during the day are still in store for you once the sun sets. Scroll down to know the must-visit sites for a superb Bangkok Nightlife.

  1. Khao San Road

 A small road in the heart of Bangkok, Khao San Road, is one of the country’s most popular places, most notably to backpacker tourists. The street gets more packed with people during nighttime as the bars, clubs, and restaurants come alive.

If you are into live music, bars are offering live music from local and foreign artists of different genres. Expand your unlimited energy by dancing the night away in the Khao San Road’s clubs equipped with laser light shows and live DJs. Be ready to be tugged by the delectable smells of the food from the street vendors’ stalls lining the busy Khao San Road.

2. Bangkok Cabaret Shows

 Bangkok is famed for the glitz and glamour of the world-class performances offered by the ladyboy shows. Your Bangkok visit will not be complete if you miss watching this nighttime spectacle of extravagant presentations, which are filled with comic acts, traditional Thai dances, or breathtaking showmanship of Thai ladyboys. Book seats ahead of time as seats get filled up easily in this infamous Bangkok nighttime entertainment. 

3. Dinner Cruises

 If you have scoured Bangkok on foot in the daytime and liked it, you might love to explore Bangkok at night. Bangkok nightlife offers dinners cruises along the Chao Phraya River, showcasing the magnificent temples all lit-up along the banks, indeed a must-see view. Passengers enjoy a Thai feast while taking in the famous sights as the cruise takes a pause. Tourists get to take picture-perfect views of Bangkok during nighttime.

4. Night Markets

 When you are too overwhelmed with a hectic nightlife, are looking for personal time and a few Bahts to spare, try visiting the Bangkok night markets. Bangkok is also well-known for its after-dark shopping experiences. Local night markets are strewn over Thailand’s capital and it is hard to resist going and explore the diverse range of goods, products, and local delicacies showcasing Thai culture. Enjoy remarkable bargains in classic and popular night markets such as Patpong Night Market and Rot Fai Market. Relish in the gloriously cheap eats that you can find in the varied and vibrant stalls of Bangkok’s local night markets.

Bangkok at night sure has a lot to offer for both tourists and locals alike. There is always something in store in the busy capital at night to keep you entertained.