War Iron2Born from the ashes of Belfast stoner sludge band The Naut it was always the intention of War Iron to play pulverizing heavy music.

The line-up has two bass players and no guitarists. Each of the two instruments have their own individual tone and characteristics which come together to create one colossal heavily distorted sound. Add to the basses pounding drums and caustic vocals and you have War Iron.

Along the way War Iron have played with Eyehategod, Napalm Death, Procession, GBH, Wormrot, Conan, Black Magician and a raft of other metal/punk/crust/grind/doom bands. War Iron have played Ireland, Scotland and England to date.

Festival appearances at Dublin Doom Days fest 2012 and Desertfest, London 2013 brought their unique brand of doom/sludge to wider audiences.

Return trips to London, Scotland and a venture into mainland Europe are all pencilled in for 2014.War Iron1War Iron’s line-up are a collection of better than well known metal scene regulars, some would almost venture to say that they are “famous” within their own scene.

Baggy provides the vocals with Ross and Dave on bass and Marty on drums.

The band’s discography has been incredibly healthy since 2010 with various releases in various formats and when it comes to merchandising and promotion they are one of the only bands around who take this seriously. A lot can be learned from War Iron.

Of Prophecy and Alchemy – CD Ep digipack
Released September 2013
Of Prophecy and Alchemy, S.U.U.L., Angelgrinder (live)

The Fifth and Final Sun – CD
Distribution through Grindscene Records & Code 7
Released March 2013
Distribution through UK and Europe. Availability on Amazon, play etc.

The Fifth and Final Sun – Cassette.
Tartarus Records – February 2013
Same tracklisting as the CD but comes with badge/button and Download code – limited to 100 worldwide.

Angelgrinder split 7” single – December 2012
Self Released split 7” with Glasgow’s ‘Headless Kross’.

The Fifth and Final Sun – CD
Punkerama Records – October 2012
Four Tracks forty minutes of crushing doom sludge.
Epistolæ Obscurorum Virorum, The Place Where the Silent ones Kill
(Crossing) The Sacred tree, Black Fleet.

The Faceless Sea – 12” Sea BlueVinyl
Punkerama records – Jan 2012.
Limited edition 250 blue vinyl with additional art and lyric sheet.
First 50 came with a two track DVD.
The two tracks were remastered for Vinyl to guarantee maximum heaviness
and clarity of low end tone by James Plotkin (Khanate, Old etc)

The Faceless Sea – CD Digipack
Infected Wound Records – December 2010
Two tracks: Inch Cape, Face the sea. 33min run time total

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By Tina Calder