grubbymitts2‘What the World Needs Now Is’ has taken 8 years to complete and its part-anthology and part debut album for Bedford-based eclectic band The Grubby Mitts. Led by visual artist Andy Holden, alongside long-term collaborators and friends Johnny Parry, Roger Illingworth, James MacDowell and John Blamey.

Here’s ‘To A Friend’s House The Way Is Never Long’, their experimental & witty debut single, available as a free download.

The album is a wonderfully bizarre collection of ambient electronic pieces, pop tunes, string quartets, spoken word and a children’s choir and school orchestra. The band will be playing artist-run spaces from Plymouth to Edinburgh, check for full list of dates and tickets for the Politics of Friendship Tour.

Just in time for Xmas download for free the Grubby Mitts Christmas track for BBC Radio 6’s Tom Ravenscroft, ‘Come On Home For Christmas’…