stats1Intelligently ambitious art-pop London six-piece Stats, unveil their new single ‘Do It On The Weekend’ (out now via Stats Co.). The surprising track follows up their small but beautiful EP ‘Where Is The Money’.

Stats frontman Ed Seed testifies says: “‘Do It On The Weekend’ is your guide to achieving success in real-world situations, without losing your grip on the valuable dreams that make you a more fully-rounded personality – and a better team player…There is no alternative”.stats3Clearly taking inspirations from the likes of Talking Heads and Laurie Anderson, Stats are asking… In a world run on algorithms and money, what do you have to do to succeed? What bargains do you have to make? What will you be required to give up – and who? How will you keep hold of yourself?

28th October / White Heat – Madame JoJos
29th October / The Barfly