Polsky3A little while back we did a feature about a new band called POLSKY. Well they’re back, and in advance of the release of their debut album ‘My Own Company’ – released May 13th – they’ve brought new track ‘Minimax’ with them.

A band with an alternative look at what it means to be a band today, POLSKY style themselves as a corporation with CEO (which in this case stands for ‘Vocals and Guitar’. No really it does) Chris Warren steering the ship. He is helped out by Senior Synth Architect (aka keyboardist), Ben Warn, Rhythm Logistics Engineer (aka drummer), Alex Robertson and Low Frequency Systems Analyst (aka bassist Chris Norman.

Their original debut single ‘Switchboard Operator’ was released way back in January, the track was a half serious, but ultimately rather cheeky poke at the labyrinth of social etiquettes in instant messaging and a misplaced ‘x’ at the end of a message. Full of indie guitars and new single ‘Minimax’ is an entirely different beast. Drenched in 80’s synths and New Order influenced vocals, the song shows an entirely different side to POLSKY’s arsenal of musical tools. I have to admit to being a little surprised at first, but after the shock wore off what you’ve got is another well thought through pop song.

Having started his musical journey by shadowing Robin Guthrie of the Cocteau Twins, Warren has significant pedigree to his musical education, something which is apparent in POLSKY’s mix. With the release of ‘My Own Company’ just around the corner it will be interesting to see how this translates into a full length record, especially with the two tracks released so far trying to shake any attempt to pin the band to a particular musical style.

‘Switchboard Operator’ and ‘Minimax’ is available now with ‘My Own Company’ released 13th May 2016 via PRODUCT.