OOFJ3Refreshing LA-based electronic duo OOFJ – the exciting project of real-life couple Jenno Bjørnkjær and Katherine Mills-Rymer – continues to deliver mesmerizing and sultry cinematic tunes. This time is the turn for a darker reinterpretation of their current single ‘You’re Always Good’ entitled ‘Always Bad’.

Speaking about making their hyper-reality sound, they duo say: “We had already locked down the album and thought we were done and then suddenly, during our stay in Copenhagen with severe jetlag, we were making this fast tempoed-mermaid landscape and being dead in the eyes from lack of sleep. In a geeky way its exciting for us…”OOF‘You’re Always Good’ (out now) is the right follow up to ‘Snakehips’ and it comes out ahead of their new LP ‘Acute Feast’ set for release in spring of next year.