GANGS 1Glasgow four-piece GANGS got together earlier this year when Steven Young, Stevie McLaren, Marc Macallum and Stephen Forbes realised their mutual love of all things rock. They’ve since been making a name for themselves in their hometown, and are now ready to blast their raucous offerings out to the rest of us.

New single ‘Thieves’ is a perfect introduction to the band; filled with an energy-fuelled, youthful passion alongside racing riffs, it’s a gritty slice of Garage Rock that’ll have heads banging and feet tapping.

Reminiscent of the likes of raucous duo Royal Blood or even the legendary Stooges, ‘Thieves’ blasts out thrashing beats, raw vocals and a riotous energy that is sure to draw plenty of attention to these Glaswegian guys.

‘Thieves’ is out now via Smooth Action Records