Not a band that shy’s away from the tricky subjects, writing about divorce, sex and self-doubt ESTRONS (Welsh for aliens or strangers) have been making a lot of noise (both figuratively and literally) over the past few months.

Their most recent release Make a Man is a belter of a tune, opening with a misleading few seconds of gently strummed chords before dropping into a relentless punk thrash.

Taliesyn Källström’s vocals, full of swagger, talk of being physically attracted to a man while finding his ego and attitude towards women archaic. As a result she responds in kind, objectifying him, resulting in some R-rated lyrics.

Formed in Wales in 2012 (they sing in both Welsh and English), the band consist of Källström (vocals), Rhodri Daniel (guitar) and a rotating collective of musicians the band’s main aim is to create music that has a message.

Highlighting aspects of society and using their music to help make a change. Their debut EP Whoever She Was… is out next month and judging by the calibre of music released so far should be a cracker.

‘Whoever she was…’ is released via Gofod Records Ltd on 11th December 2015.