Together with distorted guitars, electronic synths and an array of anthemic pop melodies, L.A-based duo Bad Wave – Patrick Hart and Tucker Tota – have produced a diverse sound with their new single ‘Time To Get Lost’.

With previous singles ‘3am’ and ‘Runaway’ topping the hype machine charts during 2016 as well as their ever-growing fanbase producing over a million streams on Spotify, the duo’s new single embraces the current mood of the United States about their newly elected reality TV star/turned President.

Of the current situation and expressing political view in their songs, Bad Wave’s Tucker Tota says: “Whenever I catch myself feeling feelings I try to stop and think about how to express them through music or writing, and there were A LOT of feelings about this election… This song is definitely an expression of anger at the outcome. Anger towards a broken system. Towards a person who is somehow expected to represent me. Obama said in his farewell address that “citizen” is the highest office in a democracy. This is a song about remembering who’s in charge.”

Bad Wave are on the brink of something BIG and no doubt headed for success in 2017. We just can’t wait to hear what they have in store for us next!

‘Time To Get Lost’ is out on 17th February via 10K Islands.