‘Bad Ting’ by Proklaim. Blending hip-hop and West African afrobeats for feel-good summer vibes

"It's a celebration of life, purpose, and music—the inspiration thereof"
10 April 2024

Proklaim, the visionary behind the latest feel-good summer anthem, brings a fresh fusion of Hip-Hop and West African Afrobeats to the forefront of music. Drawing inspiration from icons like Biggie and Lauryn Hill, Proklaim’s diverse influences shape his unique sound. Leading the band he formed, Proklaim orchestrates a team of talented individuals who contribute to the rich tapestry of sound. While he takes the lead in vocals and songwriting, each band member adds depth and dimension to every track.

With appearances in his “Kingz” video on MTV Base, Proklaim has already made an impact in the industry with his infectious energy and captivating performances. Notable gigs and festival appearances further cement their reputation as a rising force. Beyond music, Proklaim’s passion for writing adds an intriguing layer to the band’s persona. Writing serves as both a creative outlet and an endorphin rush, fueling his artistic vision.

His latest single, Bad Ting, recorded at Pen Pushaz Studio and mixed and mastered at Audio Art Namibia, showcases Proklaim’s continuous evolution. The upbeat energy of the instrumental sets the stage for his melodic chorus and thought-provoking lyrics. Recording Bad Ting was a memorable journey, with every moment contributing to the magic, from morning sessions to spontaneous freestyling.

Reflecting on the ethos behind the single, Proklaim shares, “It’s a celebration of life, purpose, and music—the inspiration thereof.” The track offers a glimpse into Proklaim’s world of positivity and resilience. In Proklaim’s own words, “Everything I ever wanted and then got was never quite as ‘hot’ as I thought.”

With this music, Proklaim invites listeners to join him on a journey of self-discovery and musical exploration, where every beat and lyric tells a story of triumph and perseverance. Get ready to groove to the infectious rhythms of Proklaim’s feel-good summer anthems.