ON Tuesday night BBC Northern Ireland will screen the fantastic first concert of the newly refurbished Ulster Hall. And FAME magazine managed to get back-stage to see what was going on.

The one-off musical extravaganza sees artists such as Snow Patrol’s Gary Lightbody and Nathan Connolly, Ash, Therapy?, Duke Special, Iain Archer, Foy Vance and the Divine Comedy’s Neil Hannon as well as up and coming acts such as the Panama Kings, Cashier No 9 and Fighting With Wire.

Hanging back stage together were Tim Wheeler from Ash and Andy Cairns from Therapy as well as Duke Special and Foy Vance.

And the whole thing was held together by Across The Line presenter Rigsy who told FAME magazine: It was an amazing gig and believe it or not there’s no real backstage gossip to talk about.

There were no strops, no egos and no rows apart from the huge fight over the pizza at 6pm.

It was surreal seeing Neil Hannon, Gary Lightbody, Duke Special, Foy Vance, the Ash guys and Andy Cairns all sitting around firing bits of pepperoni at each other.

See the antics on ATL Liver At The Hall on BBC 2 on Tuesday March 17 at 9pm.
By Tina Calder ©