pa-bag1aBack to the future is here with pan cake technology on live luggage wheels.
You have two choices really, heaving your traditional sack of coal onto the check-in belt and relaxing in the lounge, hoping you have not put your shoulder or back out or recognise that there is technology out there to support you in moving your personal belongings.
pa-bag2Just as you have power assistance for hundreds of domestic and garden appliances, now there is power assistance for hauling luggage around. They were determined to find a better solution for future travelling, and the engineers at live luggage have come up with a solution that will change your lifestyle.
pa-bag1b pa-bag1Just as power steering has revolutionised the three-point turn, Live Luggage’s new Hybrid PA Bag promises to transform travel into a far less tortuous ordeal.

What makes it no ordinary piece of luggage? Like something out of “Back to the Future”, it features an extendable “anti-gravity” handle that can pivot away from the case. In short, it means that 85 per cent of the weight of the luggage is automatically balanced over the bag’s two powered wheels, where the motors are actually inside, so none of this technology is wasted taking up valuable packing space.

The Hybrid PA’s “pancake motors” powered by rechargeable batteries, combine an intelligent torque control system with sensors in the anti-gravity handle to make luggage feel as light as a feather, even if you’re running up and down the streets of San Francisco.

The impressive performance of the Hybrid PA Bag means it is really the ultimate travel gadget. It will power up for a mile and a half on one charge uphill, enough to get you to most destinations where you can use the adaptors supplied and plug–in just like your mobile phone. It comes with a multi-bag design (with separate laptop and weekend bags that zip together and can be used as single hand luggage or separately from the main bag). It has flat motor technology which kicks in whenever it senses you need a little extra muscle and even an umbrella included in the bag handle. The Hybrid PA Bag will be the first bag you look forward to using for your next away trip. It really is the ultimate in flexibility especially with airline terms and conditions changing all the time.

So at last hi-tech power steering has finally come to the luggage world – because the world is not flat. How sensible and it looks so cool!