retro-gamesWith so much focus and investments going mainly on smartly interactive graphics, in today’s games and online gambling world (here’s a good example with the reputable, we also see a healthy retro revival in the gaming community at large.

So, which are the main reasons? The answer is simple, it’s all about the nostalgia…. retro games like Ms Pac-Man, Tetris and Space Invaders, bring back so many good memories, plus in the old days you had only three lives, in a few seconds it could be game over, but you could start again…. The addictive 8 and 16-bit titles, are easy to learn with basic storylines and most of all they don’t require 24 hours (or more) of play to really enjoy…

So, here are some of the coolest retro games that we still can’t get enough of…

Simple two-dimensional graphics – two paddles and a ball – Atari’s take on table tennis, which is the very first sports arcade video game. Pong was originally developed by American pioneering engineer and computer scientist Allan Alcorn.

Space Invaders
To attempt to resist an extraterrestrial invasion, is the main mission of this Taito’s 1978 classic, the very first cover shooter, that includes its iconic sound effects and music as the aliens came closer…

Ms Pac-Man
For the first time in video-game history, the game’s lead character was female. Pill gobbler Ms. Pac-Man – with ghosts Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Sue – were a great spin off of the original and legendary Pac-Man (another classic).

Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Sega’s 16-bit two-player games, featuring spiky speed merchant with a clever swagger, it’s a must.

Finding the best way to successfully organize a group of colored shapes, it was never more addictive. Alexei Pajitnov’s Game Boy version was pure and simple the perfect match between game and hardware.

Sensible Soccer
Forget Fifa 16,17,18….This game serves a the ultimate tiki-taka experience, way before Barcelona made it stylish.

Blue skies, a top-notch car, a beautiful girl, music and a long strip of road to the horizon…Let’s go!

Super Mario Bros. 3
Nintendo reinvented the platform game with the secret-packed Super Mario Bros. 3. This is gaming perfection.