Baby Said: Fighting the Odds and Shaping the Future of Music

"It's about all the times that we were gigging as our cover band when some groups of men didn't believe that we could play before we even started and didn't believe that we were actually playing live"
17 November 2023

The duo’s debut track, Fight is a pop-rock anthem brimming with resilience, authenticity, and a touch of societal disruption.

In the boisterous realm of the music industry, Baby Said, an electrifying duo composed of the exceptionally gifted Italian/Punjabi sisters, 19-year-old Veronica and 17-year-old Jess Pal, is on the verge of making a massive debut. Without a single track officially released, this formidable duo has already triumphed in over 200 gigs across the UK and inked a direct deal with Lucia Wade at ITB, the booking agent responsible for their musical icons, Måneskin.

What sets Baby Said apart is not just their musical prowess but their commitment to breaking barriers and challenging norms. Inspired by their experiences as young female artists in an industry predominantly dominated by men, the duo’s debut track, Fight is a pop-rock anthem infused with resilience, authenticity, and a dash of societal disruption.

The visual accompaniment to FIGHT takes a nostalgic trip to the counterculture visuals of the 1990s, adding an intriguing layer to the narrative. It’s a testament to Baby Said’s belief that music is not just about the sound—it’s an immersive, emotional experience.

“We’re just gonna roll our eyes, we don’t run from a fight,” declares Jess Pal, encapsulating the spirit of their upcoming release. The song is a defiant response to the skepticism they faced as a cover band, challenging the notion that their gender should dictate their musical abilities. “Our song ‘FIGHT’ is about all the times that we were gigging as our cover band when some groups of men didn’t believe that we could play before we even started and didn’t believe that we were actually playing live, which led to us having to stop our set and prove ourselves to them. The lyrics ‘we’re just gonna roll our eyes’ and ‘we don’t run from a fight’ are our blunt retaliation to this and show that we won’t let anyone stop us from doing what we love.”

Collaborating with some of the UK’s leading indie/rock/pop producers and writers—including Damon Minchella (Chappaqua Wrestling), Patch & Steve Battelle (McFly), and Lewis Gardiner (Twin Atlantic)—Baby Said’s debut promises to be a sonic journey that transcends the ordinary.

Veronica and Jess Pal’s journey into music began at a tender age, with Veronica picking up the acoustic guitar at six and Jess joining the musical journey at four. Their collaboration as Baby Said took root after a summer of busking in 2021, evolving from a covers band, AstroModa, to the powerhouse duo they are today.

Their empowering message of self-belief and determination shines through in every chord and lyric. FIGHT is more than a debut; it’s a battle cry, a proclamation that Baby Said is here to leave an indelible mark on the music world.

Supported by the guidance of Big Hug Management and fueled by their empowering story, Baby Said stands at the threshold of being one of the most thrilling newcomers in 2024—a compelling force and unquestionably, the imminent breakthrough in the music scene. Brace yourselves and prepare to engage in the musical revolution alongside Baby Said, for the journey has just commenced.

Photo by Lawrence Hughes