blackblessed x baby k 3Italian female rapper Baby K and Blackblessed unveil the Capsule Collection ‘Alfagang’. The result of the combustion of Baby K ‘s urban and hip hop style along with Blackblessed’s dark monochromatic minimalism.

Snapback caps, oversized unisex T-shirts that come in black and white with statement prints that declare to the world which is their “gang”.

Geometric details on the sleeves remind of the city streets signs with their contrasts, elements liked to the symbolism of the “gangs ” are also present as details in the collection as the metropolitan bandana customized with BK lettering.
blackblessed x baby k 5blackblessed x baby k 1 (1)blackblessed x baby k 4blackblessed x baby k 2blackblessed x baby k 6This limited edition Capsule Collection ‘Alfagang’ is available at and at Topshop Oxford Circus in London.
Foto: MILA Studio
Video: TheMoodit