Babé Sila has revealed her  sultry, soulful jazz-infused R&B jam Hole. The song is taken from her forthcoming EP Plum.

Hole sees a return for the London-based singer-songwriter who has been described as a “queen of R&B”. 

“Whenever I feel anxious I turn to creating – music helps and music heals. For me ‘Hole’ is laughing in anxiety’s face. The line “It´s a hole you’ve been falling through” is inspired by the infamous Alice in Wonderland moment, when Alice falls through the rabbit hole, not knowing where the sky or ground is – which is something all of us feel sometimes. I tried to make something beautiful out of an uncomfortable state.”

Hole is accompanied by a high-fashion video directed by Dora Riederauer. Featuing Babé emerging from her own cocoon, as she learns how to combat her anxieties and fears. Dora said: Hole takes an everyday situation, and puts it into a golden frame on the wall, initiating the possibility to look for beauty in our worst states of mind.”

Hailing from Hungary, Babé Sila began her career as part of a jazz-soul band in Budapest. As an accomplished violinist and guitar player, she soon started to write her own poems, which quickly progressed to songwriting. Heavily influenced by 90s R&B and soul, the likes of Whitney Houston, Sade, Mariah Carey and Erykah Badu have all played a part in shaping the unique sound you hear in her music today. Her emotional lyrics, soulful chords and 808 beats make for an intoxicating fusion.