BABÉ SILA Kicks Off Pride Month with RAINBOW

By Vee D

Hungarian singer-songwriter Babé Sila has returned with a new song that blends jazz and R&B in a fresh and relaxing way. Rainbow offers honest lyrics about the artist’s journey towards self-acceptance, just as pride month begins.

Vocals are the only constant in this track, which slowly builds upon itself in each verse, adding funk through its basslines, before joining in with backing vocal chants and clean guitar plucks. Centered around a message that love is love, Sila uses her own story as a means to be fragile, as she grows confidence in her career as an artist.

“‘Colouring my own rainbow’ is a queer hint – my love life being unconventional and not necessarily fitting into a socially accepted norm I have to explain myself a lot. In this song I intend to declare that everyone has the right to colour their own rainbow – to decide who and design how they love.” Says the singer, who first got her start as part of a jazz-soul band in Budapest, whose influence can be seen in the slick and unconventional crafting of her song’s instrumentals still.

Known in her home country as the Hungarian queen of R&B, Babé Sila, who recently moved to East London, will be able to be seen at this year’s Primavera Sound Pro Online performance in June. Building on her inspirations from Erykah Badu to Sade, Rainbow looks to be her next big single.