FM PREMIERE: B-Element’s latest jam is an upbeat track called ‘In the Music’

"We wanted to make a joyful poppy yet funky song about music"
13 January 2023

Saudia Arabian musician and producer B-Element has started this new year with a brand new track, In The Music, a funky fresh dance track full of soulful vocals, with an undeniably infectious groove. In collaboration with singers Shqzu and Kali-B, the track oozes those silky smooth RnB vibes, all threaded together with the sparkling, funk-fuelled instrumental that is near impossible not to dance along to.

‘’We wanted to make a joyful poppy yet funky song about music and how it makes us feel and we wanted it to be for all people and all ages and sexes. We wanted it to be for all people to enjoy, dance and sing to.”

Growing up with a passion for music and an obsession with beats from legendary producers like J Dilla and Madlib has led B-Element to create his own unique sound, and broaden his horizons musically. Working with several artists in varying genres has lent this producer a distinctive talent for fusing different elements to create one smoothly polished piece of music, and In The Music is an ideal example of this artist’s finesse.

Check out In The Music on streaming platforms, and keep up with B-Element on all of his socials.

Photo by Hiepo aka Mahmoud Nour