Awir Leon demonstrates his progressive approach with new album ‘Love You, Drink Water’

"It's an album grounded in personal chaos, in one of these moments in life where you act impulsively"
6 April 2023

Awir Leon has just dropped his new 12-track experimental album titled Love You, Drink Water – filled with many sweet and varied sounds!

The Amsterdam-based French musician and producer has a unique sound that bridges electronica with alternative hip hop and indie. This multifaceted solo artist has a powerful and impressive presence with thoughtful, sincere and crude lyrics.

Awir Leon‘s album has a good variety of sounds and definitely has punch – from sweet and sentimental tunes to euphoric anthems and synths. It has the range – from hyped energy to a smoother atmosphere, in any case its flow always grasps your attention and lets you feel something.

In regards to the album, Awir Leon said: “My third studio LP, Love You, Drink Water is an album grounded in personal chaos, in one of these moments in life where you act impulsively, outside of the social norms, and blind to the consequences in order to find your feet. This moment that some call ‘the path of the fool

The title Love You, Drink Water is something my 3 year old niece told me during this period. It came out of nowhere and felt like the most caring thing anyone had ever said. This story is not why I chose this title, but it echoed like something I needed to tell myself. It’s a perfect title for this album because when I listen to these songs now, this is what I want to say to the guy singing.

Musically and lyrically I think it is my most direct album, and I think that plays off the personal also. In order to stop being destructive, I had to slow down, and peel off some layers to actually look at myself with no decoration, no armour, no excuses but also had to find a way to look at myself with some love.”

Talking about the main single Neelam Stone, he carried on: The Neelam Stone is a dark blue stone, also known as blue sapphire. It is considered one of the most powerful gemstones, thought to be able to either flourish or destroy the wearer’s life.

This song is about ambition, it’s about the grind. It’s about what gets “my eyes open like a daylight” when there’s none, and how, like the stone, ambition can better or destroy your life. It’s a nocturnal anthem to the hard workers, and a warning to do it in the right way too.”

Awir is highly talented in music but he also made a name for himself as an international dancer, performing with prominent figures like Emanuel Gat Dance for over 10 years. Ultimately, he chose to put more effort into music instead.

Awir Leon has earned comparisons to James Blake, Frank Ocean, Jai Paul and Thom Yorke due to the unique complexity and emotion of their music. His latest album Love You, Drink Water shows how progressive his attitude and approach are.

Upcoming Live Dates:

Paris Philharmonie (with Amala Dianor) on July 7th and 8th 2023

Photo by Ella Hermë