Awir Leon dazzles with his third studio album, ‘Love You, Drink Water’ and unveils a wonderful short film for ‘Gutter Glint’

"I had to slow down, and peel off some layers to actually look at myself with no decoration, no armour"
15 June 2023

Awir Leon is back with something new – the third studio album, Love You, Drink Water which is getting a vinyl version soon. It also has an extra track called Gutter Glint.

Gregoire Korganow created a great short film to accompany the beautiful track.

Discussing the track, Awir Leon says: Gutter Glint is a wink to all of us hiding our monsters. It’s not a critic, it’s a satyre I guess, it’s like – ‘ok let’s all play that game, we know it’s fake, we know we don’t feel that good about ourselves, but let’s fake it, cause maybe that’s all we got, maybe that’s what we wanna do right now, maybe we’re tired of looking in’

Awir’s last song is filled with percussive melodies, groovy beats and psychedelic guitar riffs – a vibrant mix of electronic vibes and alternative hip-hop.

In his song, Awir watches both sides of the spectrum – from self-criticism to narcissism – and shares his feelings about himself and how he sees others. It’s easy to be wrong thinking, “but I know I look good”, as if appearances are the only thing that matters and can solve all your problems.

This French artist, who now lives in Amsterdam, has a special sound that is a combination of electronic music, alternative hip hop and indie.

This solo artist brings a unique flavor of lyricism to the table – philosophical, soulful and intense. Awir Leon’s album is a mountain of sounds, from soft, intimate moments to high octane pulsed electronic jams.

He can rap or sing in different styles, from upbeat and energetic to slow and reflective. His words will always be heartfelt, deep and strong.

The captivating soundscapes of Awir Leon are interspersed with complexity and emotion, leaving you restless after listening to the 12 dreamlike tracks of the album.

Talking about the album, Awir Leon reveals: “My third studio LP, Love You, Drink Water is an album grounded in personal chaos, in one of these moments in life where you act impulsively, outside of the social norms, and blind to the consequences in order to find your feet. This moment that some call ‘the path of the fool’.

The title Love You, Drink Water is something my 3 year old niece told me during this period. It came out of nowhere and felt like the most caring thing anyone had ever said. This story is not why I chose this title, but it echoed like something I needed to tell myself. It’s a perfect title for this album because when I listen to these songs now, this is what I want to say to the guy singing.

Musically and lyrically I think it is my most direct album, and I think that plays off the personal also. In order to stop being destructive, I had to slow down, and peel off some layers to actually look at myself with no decoration, no armour, no excuses but also had to find a way to look at myself with some love.”

Over the last decade, Awir has travelled the globe with renowned dance companies like Emanuel Gat Dance. But eventually, they decided to shift their focus more to music and took a break from dancing.

Awir Leon‘s new music is taking Europe by storm, and has already earned over a million streams on Spotify. His songs push the limits and demonstrate his advanced musical skills – he is clearly an exciting and talented emerging artist to follow.

Photo by Ella Hermë