By Andrea Clarke
An Australian artist has turned mega stars U2 into 13 centimetre figures for his new exhibition based on the titles of the Irish band’s songs.

Alasdair Macintyre, who is based in Brisbane, saw the rockers in concert last year and was inspired to create his latest diorama, aptly named Elevation.
“It was sublime”, he said of the gig.
“Occasionally in life I had what I call God moments. The previous time I felt it was at the Bill Viola [The Passions] exhibition at the National Gallery …Of course, it’s a different sort of God moment when you’ve got 40,000 people around you”.
Each piece in the exhibition is named after a U2 song, including Staring at the Sun, (Stay), Faraway So Close and The Pursuit of Happiness.
The U2 diorama shows the band on a stage, Bono wearing his trademark cow boy hat and The Edge complete with his beanie watering the nose of American artist Jeff Koons’ famous floral puppy.
“I like doing pieces with pop culture figures in them”, said Macintyre. “I wanted to do something with Bono”.
He chose Koons’ Puppy for the piece because he wanted to merge the icons of the art and pop world together.
He said: “Koons was talking about how Puppy communicates love, in that smooth way he talks.
“And in the doco he climbed a ladder inside Puppy and said, ‘Now I’m ascending into the sacred heart of Jesus’ … I take his patter with a grain of salt. But I love his work.
“I like playing with the whole art world situation, where we have these prominent figures”.
Alasdair Macintyre’s Elevation is at Sullivan+Strumpf, Gurner Street, Paddington,Sydney from August 28.