Audrie Powell is dazzling with her country love song ‘Levi Jeans’

"It felt like I was singing from my heart and not for what’s trendy but what feels right”
23rd August 2023

Exciting, talented and stunning songstress Audrie Powell came into this world when her mum was just 17. To make things even more intriguing, her mother was a total free spirit, always on the move.

She’s dropping her very first country song called Levi Jeans, featuring a super cool acoustic guitar and Audrie Powell‘s alluring vocals. The song is a sweetly dreamy representation of manifesting a loving relationship.

Levi Jeans really shows her talent for delivering delightfully written songs and captivating stories. Her new country music project is a delight to watch and showcases her bright creativity.

“It felt like I was singing from my heart and not for what’s trendy but what feels right” she says.

Audrie Powell actually spent her childhood soaking up the sun in Hawaii and the Bahamas. Her mum was always belting out tunes, so it’s no surprise that she picked up a knack for humming and singing before she even knew how to talk.

At the age of just 6, she began writing music when she moved to Portland on the West Coast.

Before heading to LA to chase her musical dreams, when she was in college, she tried for Portland Teen Idol and ended up in the finals. At the age of 18 and completing high school, she decided to embark on an exciting and bold solo journey around the world.

“Thank you to everyone that was apart of creating this song. It’s truly from the heart and I’m so happy to finally be sharing it with all of you! Videographer @notmiketate
Producer/engineer @pisceeofficial
Hair/makeup @serenity_jvh

In LA, her initial passion was R&B music, which influenced her unique style. But now, she’s finding herself drawn towards the country music scene.

She is now immersed in the creation of her own country songs, inspired by Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, and Miley Cyrus’ music.

Audrie Powell is definitely worth following.

Photos by Brady Johnson