Atomic Bronco releases his most thoughtful album ‘Bull in a China Shop’

"I think that the songs share a common energy and emphasis on sonic details"
14 April 2023

Atomic Bronco, a new alternative rock artists from Austin, Texas, just released his third album Bull in a China Shop.

Kyle Nuss is the mastermind behind this one man band that brings together a mix of indie, alternative, garage rock, lo-fi and classic rock music. A super energizing sound, but it doesn’t correspond to any particular style or genre. You could even describe it as ‘old school’; it’s an amazing blend of different elements.

The DIY artist is now ready to present The 11-track project called Bull in a China Shop. Atomic Bronco noted that the album was his most thoughtful work to date: “The songs may cover a variety of topics and moods, but I think that they share a common energy and emphasis on sonic details. Most of these songs were written in a basement apartment in London, so I’m excited for them to finally see the light of day. I’m really proud of this album, and hope listeners get as much enjoyment out of it as I had making it!”.

Atomic Bronco has uncovered the deeper message behind the album’s main song, Get You Off My Mind:“It’s about being so obsessed with someone that it’s debilitating, and knowing that you need to move on for everyone’s benefit, but not being able to.”

Bull in a China Shop features some awesome tunes, from sentimental ballads to fun, upbeat songs. The lyrics are thoughtful and relevant and the mix of striking tracks and soothing melodies is just right.