Atlanta-Based Hip Hop Artist RAY DAWN Returns With New Single BOSTON

By Moni B

Dropped this week, Boston is an energetic and dynamic track that boasts an adventurous and contemporary R&B-esc instrumentation alongside the classic hip-hop beats. Dawn’s electric flows ignite the track from the very off, managing to maintain the upbeat and hopeful atmosphere throughout. The captivating soundscape within Boston features a jazz inspired melody that provides yet another layer to this charismatic track.

Ray Dawn expands on what Boston means to him: “Lately I’ve been enjoying the process of letting go – allowing my story to unfold on its own time. The bigger the goal, the longer the road. Boston is a reminder to myself that the marathon continues.”

Taking his inspiration from those around him, Ray Dawn has only improved and perfected his sound with each and every release since his debut single Ries Cup in 2017. His latest track, Boston, is no different. With his invigorating and energising new take on modern hip-hop, Ray Dawn has crafted a magnetic and highly memorable track.