Athena Lim shares ‘White Dust’ in the enchanting realms of indie-folk-pop

"I am an ardent fan of magical realism in literature and the visual and cinematic arts and use a similar filter when I create my music"
14 April 2024

Setting sail on a voyage through the enchanting realms of indie-folk-pop, Athena Lim unveils her latest musical creation, White Dust. A Canadian artist based in the UK, Lim is on the brink of releasing her debut EP later this summer, offering listeners a tantalizing glimpse into her enchanting sonic universe.

Inspired by the profound musings of philosopher Bertrand Russell, White Dust delves into the complexities of existence, capturing the essence of a generation grappling with introspection and existential inquiry. Collaborating with multi-instrumentalist and producer James Atin-Godden, Lim infuses the track with funk-infused rhythms, offering a vibrant counterpoint to her earlier single, Being Someone, released on Valentine’s Day.

Lim’s artistic journey is as diverse as her music. Despite deferring acceptance to the prestigious Royal College of Art & Design (London) for graduate studies in Print, Lim chose to immerse herself in the world of music, making her mark on London’s vibrant music scene and sharing stages with established acts like Murray Lightburn of The Dears. Her unwavering dedication to music reflects her profound passion for the craft.

Lim reveals: “I am an ardent fan of magical realism in literature and the visual and cinematic arts and use a similar filter when I create my music. An aim is to capture and process experiences by elevating them to the realm of the poetic. This is what music, and all art, allows us to do. I want to make the common inspiring and the mundane seem magical – because they are.”

Beyond her musical endeavors, Lim’s creative spirit extends to the visual realm, where she crafts experimental narratives through music videos. Drawing inspiration from surrealism and early twentieth-century art, Athena Lim captivates audiences with a magical atmosphere, infusing her indie-folk-pop sound with vibrancy and uniqueness, drawing from diverse musical influences ranging from Bob Dylan to Lana Del Rey.

As Lim shapes her musical landscapes, her sophomore album, set for 2025, promises to showcase her artistic evolution and vision.

Stay tuned for Athena Lim’s upcoming single, Lil’ Kindness, on April 21st, and dive into her captivating world of music, where thought-provoking lyrics and evocative melodies invite profound exploration of the human experience.