AstroYeti takes fans on a cosmic adventure with ‘Disastro Spaghetti’ EP

"We view this EP as a stand alone adventure involving the puppet astronauts and their interstellar Van"
29 March 2024

Key West’s psychedelic rock sensation, AstroYeti, unveils their latest EP, Disastro Spaghetti, via Conch Town Records. Packed with spacey, psychedelic vibes and infectious fun, this release promises to transport listeners to another dimension.

Building on the success of their debut album, which garnered widespread acclaim and radio play, Disastro Spaghetti sees AstroYeti once again showcasing their unique blend of alt-funk-rock soundscapes in a colorful and vibrant manner. The band describes the EP as part one of an epic crime-solving space adventure, featuring puppet astronauts and interstellar vans:

“Part one of an epic crime solving Space adventure, “Disastro Spaghetti” digs deeper into AstroYeti’s signature tropical space funk and delivers a powerful blow to evil doers through the galaxy and beyond. It’s got puppets…and spaceships. What more can you ask for?

Photo by Turner Harrison

We view this EP as a stand alone adventure involving the puppet astronauts and their interstellar Van. Somewhere on one of the moons of Flurb in the Clabous Sector, the gang inadvertently trigger a cosmic reaction resulting in a monstrous spaghetti creature that terrorises the quadrant. Each song touches on a different theme;  fear, hate, freedom, love, loneliness, regret, and together paint the sonic backdrop for yet another amazing AstroYeti adventure!”

Set against the backdrop of the Clabous Sector, the EP’s songs delve into themes of fear, hate, freedom, love, loneliness, and regret, painting a sonic backdrop for an unforgettable AstroYeti journey. With their signature tropical space funk, the band delivers a powerful blow to evil-doers throughout the galaxy and beyond.

AstroYeti, self-described as “a secret society of Space-Caper solving time crime fighters,” brings their out-of-this-world image to life with joyous music filled with energy and depth. Already making waves with radio play across the UK and US, AstroYeti’s Disastro Spaghetti is sure to solidify their status as universal explorers of musical delight.

Live Dates:
April 24 – Key West Theater