The long-awaited music video for Nobody Loves Me Like You sees the female producer exploring the healing power of love and nature

A hand runs through the bulrushes in a sunlit field. It’s golden hour, and the sense of peace is palpable. Astraea’s eyes peek out from beneath an immaculate (and well-maintained through lockdown) fringe as she begins to mouth the words. This is the video for her latest release Nobody Loves Me Like You, a song which sees her exploring the healing nature of love and relationships at a time where they are proving absolutely necessary.

“With the current state of the world, and having to be separated from loved ones for so long,” Astraea says, “these uncertain times make you appreciate just how much we need our friends and family,”

The song evokes a feeling of gratitude, and as Astraea frollicks in the woods in the music video, it would be remiss not to mention the clear homage to the great Kate Bush which both song and video display clearly. The falsetto passage of unbridled gratitude and relief, calls to mind the unhinged passion of Wuthering Heights or Wow, but it’s something which Astraea in turn is able to put her own stamp on. 

The pianist and producer once again puts a spin on the pop ballad, joining piano and electronic elements together to create a fragile and ethereal aesthetic and makes this song wholly her own. The video, shot in lock down, is a beautiful representation of the song, shot on the coast and in the forest, and sees Astraea tapping into the organic quality of her own music to create the perfect visual.