ASTRÆA Is The Biggest Success Story In The Industry Who You Won’t Have Heard Of – Yet.

Astræa is one of the most successful producers in the industry – no mean feat for a woman in an overwhelmingly male-dominated field. 

You’ll know her voice already – she’s had plenty of work in the world of sync with her stunning cover of You’re Not Alone (used in the Lloyds Bank ad) and you’ll have heard her flex her producer chops in the work she’s done for massive names in the industry such as Jack Savoretti, Ward Thomas and has arra little someone called Lewis Capaldi.

But now, finally, she is striking out on her own to tell her own story. Tonight I Run is that story.

Beginning with sweeping synths blended into piano, Tonight I Run is a bold statement of self-love and assurance disguised as an electro-pop ballad. The song tackles the idea of overcoming boundaries in order to achieve your goals, something which Astræa is no stranger to. In writing this song, she both encourages young girls to follow in her footsteps, as well as acknowledging how far she has come herself. 

This is a powerful statement of intent from a woman soon to become a household name – an exquisitely crafted song with a message, a brilliant introduction to someone who is set to become a staple in the UK pop scene, and a damn catchy hit-to-be.

Stream Tonight I Run below!