ASHLEY DAVID Releases Brand New Track Entitled KUSH

By Vasco Dega

Ashley David has released a brand new track KUSH. When speaking about the track, Ashley said: “Kush is a track that reminds us all to replace life’s hardships with good vibes, optimism, and our most loved ones, spreading across the diaspora all over the world. The song is also a tribute to the motherland, a world united by music, the arts, and rich culture while honoring my Jamaican roots, even though I was born and raised in the United Kingdom. We all came from Africa and at a time when the world seems shaky, creativity is a muse that can unite and raise our collective vibration. The lyrics, Everything is on Kush. Personifies the spirit of the ghetto/favelas a mantra I have used to own and celebrate all of life’s achievements, no matter how big or small. let me be one of the first to shout it out – loudly ”. 

Ashley David brought us the great “touch” that he also directed followed by Cobra Freestyle & Santana, now he brings you the cultural success that is heralded as a celebration of all things cultural. Watch the full video below: