Ash Olsen surprises us with her new song ‘someone else’

"I made the song right after me and my ex broke up and I had seen a story [on Instragram]..."
22 May 2023

Ash Olsen is definitely making waves in the pop-rap music industry with her new single, someone else. Excitement levels for her debut album have risen even further with this one.

Ash isn’t afraid to talk about the more complex aspects of love and he explains what inspired her to write this song: someone else is about how fucking hard and tough it is to see someone you shared your life with suddenly being with somebody new…We made the song because I needed to just vent about how I was feeling. I made the song right after me and my ex broke up and I had seen a story [on Instragram] and it wasn’t even like that but when I felt it hurt that much, I was like FUCK how tf am I gonna deal with this.” 

With her gender-neutral music and combining it with intense emotion, Ash Olsen‘s changing the landscape of this genre and providing something new to fans everywhere.

Olsen has made a name for herself playing at some of Europe’s biggest and most influential music festivals. She certainly made an impression and quickly became an up-and-coming act.

Ash is heading off to tour France, Poland, Norway and Scandinavia this summer. She is nominated for a Grammy in her native Norway as one of their most exciting musical talent exports right now.

Ash Olsen gives new androgynous pop-rap tunes that make heads spin and make you wonder what kind of his music is really, while we allow ourselves to be impressed by it.

Live Dates:

June 26th – Roskilde Festival – Roskilde, Denmark

June 30th – Open’er Festival – Gdynia, Poland

July 2 ́nd – Europavox – Clermont-Ferrand, France (TBC)

July 27th – Utkantfestivalen – Skjerjehamn, Norway

August 12 ́th – Huckfest Bike Festival, Ål

August 19th – Alta Festival – Alta, Norway

August 25th – Feelings Festival – Bergen, Norway

August 26 ́th – Stavanger festival (TBC)

Photos by Roj Ferman