Ash Olsen shares ‘The Juice’ and gets ready for a great show

“It is about me just ranting out my own feelings in my own way"
14 April 2023

Ash Olsen is a rather unique artist. Growing up on a farm in Oslo is not an ordinary thing for rappers. Her style of androgynous music is a welcome change in the rap industry.

With her rhythms inspired by life in Norway and American street rap, she is ready to move from her bedroom to a grand performance.

Ash Olsen has just released The Juice a fresh and exciting single that comes with an amazing music video shot in the hills of Hollywood.

The piano begins to play, her rhymes begin and a subtle rhythm weaves around her persuasive and captivating rap performance. The Juice is about me – explains Ash – just ranting out my own feelings in my own way. I  just felt some type of way and wanted to turn those feelings into a song. It’s hard to  describe exactly what but that’s what I love about music…that anyone can interpret it how they want.”

Ash Olsen is one of the most highly anticipated acts for The Great Escape Festival this year; she is performing on two stages, which is a huge deal. She’s hitting the festival scene in Europe – Norway, Poland and France – before her debut album drops in June.

As a skate-loving teenager, she was amazed when she heard Tupac’s song ‘Only God Can Judge Me’ and decided to learn it by looking up the lyrics on YouTube and singing along. “I’d never rapped before. And I instantly loved it. I went home that day and just never stopped.”

Ash picked up the skills of rapping from the likes of Tupaca nd Biggie and even got a hang of an American accent: “I didn’t know English that well and I knew that I wanted to do it in English. I was like, I have to go and study my ass off. So I started reading books and I wrote down all the words I didn’t understand. And I was just practicing all the time, pronunciations and all that stuff just alone in my room.”

She adds: “I remember thinking about releasing stuff and that was when those thoughts came to mind; you know, like, Can I do this? Is this for me, or am I gonna get slaughtered? But yeah, I just realised that, you know, what I’m going to do it either way, fuck it.”

Keep your eye on Ash Olsen and see what she achieve this year.

Live Dates: 

April 19th – Bodø – Filmfest Salten 

April 21st – Sørveiv Festival – Kristiansand, Norway

April 22´nd – Utopia (TBC) 

May 11th – The Great Escape – Brighton, UK 

May 12th – The Great Escape – Brighton, UK 

June 26th – Roskilde Festival – Roskilde, Denmark

June 30th – Open’er Festival – Gdynia, Poland 

July 2´nd – Europavox – Clermont-Ferrand, France (TBC)

July 27th – Utkantfestivalen – Skjerjehamn, Norway

August 12´th – Huckfest Bike Festival, Ål 

August 19th – Alta Festival – Alta, Norway 

August 25th – Feelings Festival – Bergen, Norway

August 26´th – Stavanger festival (TBC) 

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