As Per Casper’s ‘H.M.U’ is both energetic and emotional at the same time

"Quality of the connection versus the longevity of it, whether it's a love interest or a friend”
11 August 2023

Carla Saad, the intriguing alternative fusion singer-songwriter from Dubai, teamed up with talented musicians from different backgrounds once more, to create music that blends Western and Arabic influences.

Check out the new single H.M.U by Saad’s project As Per Casper. It’s the second song from their upcoming EP Flow. H.M.U is all about a sound that’s totally packed with energy and feels super emotional too.

Font Leroy and As Per Casper teamed up to create a mesmerizing R&B jam that combines catchy melodies with both Arabic and English vocals. It’s a sonic feast that taps into everyone’s flirty side.

The catchy phrase ‘Hakini’ actually means ‘Hit Me Up‘ in Arabic. As Per Casper explains: H.M.U is about showing up irrelevant of how long you’ve known someone. Quality of the connection versus the longevity of it, whether it’s a love interest or a friend.”

Carla Saad and their project As Per Casper believe in the power of music. They truly believe that it has the ability to break down barriers and stereotypes.

The exchange of ideas and stories can be facilitated through music acts. By sharing experiences and culture from artists around the world, with a collaborative ethos, that, apart from music, would otherwise have little in common.

As Per Casper is the perfect example of this idea. Their Syrian-Palestinian background and connections to Dubai, the UK, and Berlin allow her to seamlessly combine Eastern and Western music and culture.

Photo by Jordan K and Waleed Shah