As Per Casper share smooth R&B love song Heat

"The uplifting and flirty vibe of the track says even though we're through, the flame remains very much alive"
30 June 2023

Carla Saad‘s music project, As Per Casper, looks at the power of music to break down barriers and challenge stereotypes. They believe in using music as a platform for open discussion and collaboration.

Their newest single, Heat, is an alternative R&B track where As Per Casper collaborated with LA record producer and artist Font Leroy.

Heat is all about longing for a lost love and finding beauty in the pain it brought. Leroy and Saad teamed up to create a super cool alternative R&B track. They blended smooth production with dreamy melodies and warm vocal harmonies that perfectly complement the lyrics.

Heat will totally get you pumped for their upcoming EP, Flow. You’ll get a sneak peek of what to expect.

Carla Saad breaks down the track even more: Font Leroy and I came together and wrote this piece about a somewhat unconditional love that is not reciprocated thus creating a burning urge for it “Give me that heat”. The uplifting and flirty vibe of the track says even though we’re through, the flame remains very much alive”

With her Syrian-Palestinian background and connections to Dubai, the UK, and now living in Berlin, Saad knows firsthand about the amazing musical diversity and culture from both the East and West.

In an increasingly split world, music allows people to connect and share their ideas. When artists come together and collaborate, it creates opportunities to exchange experiences and culture.

It’s really amazing how music can bring together people who might not have a lot in common. Carla Saad and her project serve as an excellent example.

Photo by Waleed Shah