Twinnie Twinnie is back with her latest single ‘Home’, out on 1st July via TLM Records.

When you think of actresses turned musicians who do you think of? Lindsey Lohan? Miley Cyrus? Well you’ll be pleased to learn that new country-pop artist Twinnie is absolutely nothing like them and why she’s our Artist Of The Week this week.

Twinnie’s second single ‘Home’ is the perfect slice of pop with hints of country twang oozing out of the sides. Straight from the first bar, you can already hear The Lumineers’ influence with those gorgeously layered backing vocals taking centre stage. That is, of course, before Twinnie’s stand alone vocal comes in and blows everything else right out of the park. This girl is all power and trust me, you won’t be able to get this song out of your head.TwinnieLee2Despite her acting background, Twinnie is definitely not new to the music industry. She’s been working in the background for years with the likes of Pharrell Williams, Robin Thicke and Brian May to name a few. She also travels extensively to LA and Nashville, working with critically acclaimed the songwriters behind artists such as Pink and James Bay.

Twinnie is definitely one to watch, bringing a new lease of life to country and pop music respectively. Keep you eyes and ears peeled.

‘Home’ is out on July 1st via TLM Records.



Photos by Anna Fowler