TOTEM1Atlanta based enigmatic & soulful singer/songwriter/producer TOTEM drops his self-produced debut EP ‘Pride'(out now). The EP is a collection enticingly smooth tunes, to get a taste of his impressive work, check out ‘Sunrise’, ‘Sabotage’ and ‘Rich Girl’.

Speaking about project, the talented young musician says: “I think the draw is that neither I nor the music are perfect. My only goal is to sustain a reaction to the passion and performance in the moment. TOTEM is a symbol of our shared imagination. An object created from our basic need to be both within and without.”

He adds: “When I write and record, I think the biggest impact comes when others don’t need to know who I am, or what I look like, or what I ate for breakfast. Like I know who I am, who I’m talking about, she knows who she is, but that doesn’t matter when you’re a listener. And I know the mysterious thing is en vogue now, but fuck that. I’m not trying to be cool, I’m not shy, I’m not ugly. It’s that I need you to be an active listener because that’s the beauty of music. You take this moment I gave voice to and apply it to you. So I don’t matter, you matter.”

Pride EP on iTunes