NAOMI PILGRIM3Exciting Swedish artist Naomi Pilgrim, already got our full attention with her stunning debut track ‘No Gun’ and with her follow up singles ’Money’, ’Rainmakers’ and ’House of Dreams’…Now she returns with a stunning video for her new fascinating single ‘It’s All Good’, featuring Naomi waking up alone in the desert with a retro DeLorean…

Speaking about the video to accompany ’It’s All Good’, Naomi reveals: “Waking up washed up in a desert, completely blank with no sense of yesterday and with no perception of time, old habits die hard”.NAOMI PILGRIM4On her new single, written and produced by Naomi and her partner in crime Fredrik Okazaki (along with Andrew Robert Marsh and James Abrahart), she says: “’It’s All Good’ is about those days when you’re waking up, the sun is shining and a lot of good things are happening in your life, but it´s still impossible to get out of bed. Days when you´re wishing for something else and you´re on the verge of breaking into a million insignificant pieces. Then, as you finally pick yourself up, you are realizing the solution is very simple…”

’It’s All Good’ is available now from Scandinavian indie label Cosmos Music.
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