EricTaylor1We recently interviewed Eric Taylor Escudero and found him to be an extremely pleasant young man with an extreme talent. As a result, we’ve decided to make him our Artist of The Week this week to show our appreciation.

Eric Taylor Escudero is a Brazilian born singer/songwriter who writes beautiful indy-folk music akin to the likes of Idlewild and Johnny Flynn. His latest release, free track ‘The Uncountable Colours of The Sky’ is brilliantly written with Eric’s vocals sounding uncannily Scottish throughout – a homage to his Scottish influences perhaps? He is joined on the track by the magnificent Ana Luísa Ramos who’s vocals compliment Eric’s perfectly.

Escudero has played in several rock bands in his hometown of São Paulo before deciding to go it alone and has since released three EPs – ‘Lines We Wrote in Spring’, ‘Northern Lights’ or ‘Summer Skies’, and ‘Big City Lights’. His latest release, album ‘We Were Young and It Was Morning’, combines Eric’s previous EPs into a creatively arranged package, showcasing his songwriting skills brilliantly.

Eric taylor Escudero is hoping this album will help him ‘break’ the global market and with tracks like this coming out, we think he stands a good chance.

‘We Were Young And It Was Morning’ is out now via City Lights Produções.