blooms1Irish born, London based artist Blooms (Louise Cunnane) shares her sultry, dark RnB with this stunning video for her track ‘IF I’ by Detroit production house The Work Inc.

Louise explains: “The video is shot in Detroit. When discussing ideas for the video I sent over some reference points to the directors from The Work Inc- footage from Paranoid Park by Gus Van Sant, images by John Kilar. The main objective was to capture the isolation I felt while writing the song. I also wanted a beautiful piece of film that can still stand alone and tell a story. The song is my story, the video is another interpretation of it.” blooms2Her stunningly sultry and melancholic debut EP ‘If’, released on her own label, Skin On Skin Records, is available for free download for a limited time over on Blooms’ website –

On the EP she reveals: “Lust is the opening track of “If” because Lust consumes you, Lust takes over your mind before your heart has a chance to catch up. It’s a hard feeling to ignore and can catapult you into something you’re not ready for. The rest of the EP is about dealing with giving into those feelings and what happens when they turn to love and to heartbreak.”blooms2