Adam Cleaver may only be 23 but boy, does he have some skills. Having spent the last 12 months on the open mic circuit in London, it feels as though Adam could be finally getting his break. His latest release ‘The Salt Mine’ combines all the best elements of alternative-rock and folk whilst also allowing Cleaver’s beautiful falsetto to take control and completely immerse you.

It was during an open mic session at The Hideaway in Tufnell that Adam met Matt Harris, co-founder of Veta Records, and the pair soon began working together on a debut EP. In early 2014, Adam began performing will a full band at various venues in London and drawing in an increasingly bigger crowd each time.

If you’re a fan of the likes of Fleet Foxes, Iron & Wine and Thom Yorke’s enchanting vocal chords I would urge you to check out Adam Cleaver. He may be young, but it sounds like he knows what he’s doing and the band behind him aren’t half bad either.Adam-Cleaver2‘The Salt Mine’ is out on June 15th 2015 via Veta records.


By Frank Bell ©