Arsena shares a special feel with her new single ‘Do You’

“It's a reminder to be yourself at all costs, because eventually in due time it will pay off”
18 May 2023

North Carolina-based singer Arsena states: Do You is a reminder to be yourself at all costs, because eventually in due time it will pay off.” The work of the rising star is full of inspirational insights and life experiences.

After releasing some catchy and upbeat R&B tunes, the singer is now looking for a more stripped-down method of songwriting. Arsena’s latest track Do You really highlights her ability to make great and powerful music.

Based out of Charlotte, NC, this multi-talented singer-songwriter, brings something cool to the R&B stage with her new single. Do You combines a modern sound with her alluring signature retro style. She puts her talents to good use and gives us a fascinating perspective on life and the places she’s been.

In her latest chill tune, futuristic vibrations and empowering female energy come together to make something truly special. With her song, the artist talks about the issues most creatives in this era face.

She emphasizes how it’s important to voice your opinions despite what society or social media may suggest. It is a good reminder of why it is so vital to be true to one’s self.

Smooth layered synths and a beautifully full-bodied melody make up the tune. Electric guitar riffs, the drum patterns – they give that added something special to it all.

Arsena‘s lyrics often come from her inner dialogue, like conversations and debates with herself. You can actually tell by listening to her music that she works hard to gather complex thoughts and feelings.

She’s had a few releases that have impressed music lovers, with her latest track Like A Fool standing out, on top of being a globetrotter, she also puts her abilities to use for the betterment of society. It’s really inspiring how she still stays passionate about bringing awareness to important issues while also finding new ways to express and comprehend her experiences.

Arsena claims it is no longer creating music with the intention of gaining recognition from industry or management. Her regained confidence led her to the Berklee College of Music, where she studied for a Master in Music Business. She’s carving out her own path and encouraging her audience to come join her on the journey.

Arsena‘s idea is to be faithful to your values and beliefs, even when things get tough.

This artist is basically releasing her most authentic, bold, and fearless self. Consequently, the production she delivers is multidimensional and incredibly exciting.

Photo by Andrea Orr