Arn-Identified Flying Objects and Alien Friends release Suck: A tune about sucking up and selling out

"I envisioned the song as a disco pastiche"
30 July 2022

By Elle B

Suck is a track taken from Arn-Identified Flying Objects and Alien Friends‘ most recent album, the solo project of Swedish musician Arne Floryd. Initially, Floryd penned the track for his band REDMOON, before he ultimately decided to record the track on his own, and release it as his first single as a solo artist.

As soon as you hear the first few bars of Suck, you know you’re in for a good time. It’s a lively, zingy folky track with undeniable power pop influences. While it’s easy to hear that the song has its roots in the musical soil of the sixties and seventies, Floryd assures us ‘’there’s no nostalgia here.’’

”It’s a tune about sucking up and selling out, but also a tale of loneliness and fear of rejection. I envisioned the song as a disco pastiche, but listening to it now the classic rock and power pop are quite obvious.”

Throughout the song, Floryd uses carefully arranged vocal arrangements and instruments to captivate the listener, contrasting the zany beat with some abstractly somber, yet quirky lyrics. As our narrator, Floryd leads the listener through this unusual track with a theatrical quality that offers a sense of intrigue. The track may sound like R.E.M. at times, and The Beatles at others. In essence, Suck has a sound that seems to be a true fusion of influences, a variety of elements carefully strung together to create something cohesive. The track is saturated with Floryd’s charming personality, and this charm is what brings the song to life.

Photo by Malin Floryd-Welin