Aria’s new song ‘Smile’ feat. Ariel Jones, brings together the world through music and dance

It's a beacon of universal brotherhood, aiming to unite people of all walks of life and creeds through the power of dance
8 September 2023

Italian artist Aria, known in the music world as Mariano Schiavolini, has once again proven his prowess as a global musical maestro with his latest single, Smile feat. Ariel Jones.

Smile is a sonic journey that draws its undeniable rhythm from the rich tapestry of South and Central American musical traditions, particularly rumba and cha cha.

Yet, the track is not limited by its Latin flair; it soars to new heights with jazz and R&B elements, courtesy of the talented American bassist Joseph Patrick, best known for his work with Stewart Copeland of The Police.

The accompanying music video for Smile continues Aria‘s tradition of global collaboration. The video captures the universal language of smiles, featuring individuals from diverse backgrounds interpreting the song’s dance with spontaneous and unique gestures.

In an era when most contemporary tracks feature around 50 layers of sound, Smile boasts a staggering 120 individual tracks. What’s even more astonishing is that these layers were meticulously recorded using older analogue equipment. This choice preserves the unique frequencies of each instrument with an unparalleled fidelity, showcasing the mastery that only comes with a lifelong devotion to music, as is the case with Aria.

English author Nicolette Turner penned the lyrics, which were brought to life by the soulful vocals of Portuguese singer Ariel Jones.

Smile is not just a song; it’s a beacon of universal brotherhood, aiming to unite people of all walks of life and creeds through the power of dance.

Aria‘s musical journey has been marked by success both in his native Italy and on international stages. His music has graced the airwaves of BBC Radio, garnered millions of streams and views, and has been a driving force behind various charitable initiatives close to the artist’s heart, from defending human rights to saving near-extinct animals and fighting apartheid.

Aria‘s commitment to creating music that transcends boundaries and brings joy to the world is evident in every note of this stunning track.