ARIA JAY Shares Self-Produced Tune HOLY

By Vasco Dega

Holy is the newest offering from electro-pop star Aria Jay, a stellar feel good anthem.

Against the backdrop of an eclectic piano melodies, soaring synths and clean-cut percussion, Aria’s exquisite vocals sails through the song in effortless harmony. The pairing of the shimmering instrumentation and angelic vocals create a track so jubilant in nature it’s addictive to the listener. 

Aria’s aim with Holy was to create a piece of music with the sense of freedom and space. As she puts it, Holy“, in essence, is about the power of rising above and the freedom there is in that.”

Aria is a lifelong student of music and this shines through in her production. Training her voice since a young age using the bel canto technique and studying at The New School, learning jazz composition has allowed her to become a multi-faceted musician with an arsenal of techniques and practices to infuse into her creative process. 

After receiving a wave of appraisal for previous releases, Holy is Aria’s first self-produced single and a promising sign of what she has to offer in the future.