Smirnoff Ireland curator Siobhan O’Dowd, from Belfast and Argentinean artist Jorge Molina were getting ready for the SMIRNOFF Nightlife Exchange Project this Saturday, November 27th at The Wright Venue in Swords.

Ireland will receive the best of Argentina’s nightlife culture as part of this global Smirnoff initiative, which sees 14 countries swap the best of their nightlife on the same night.
The SMIRNOFF Nightlife Exchange Project at The Wright Venue will feature all that’s great about Argentina’s nightlife with delicious drinks including an Argentinean take on the signature Smirnoff Mule, the best food of Argentina including an asado style BBQ, music from Argentina’s top DJ Elio Riso, and awe inspiring theatrical acts inspired by Argentina.
Tickets for the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project can be purchased on ticketmaster for €15 or on the door at The Wright Venue.

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