You’ll often hear people discussing a breast enlargement, but many women seek the opposite. Breast reductions have several health benefits. Here are some of the advantages of reducing your breast size.

Breast reduction surgery to end neck and back pain 

Large breasts can cause lifelong neck, shoulder, and back pain from the excess weight they place on the spine and the skeletal system. Women that develop quickly through puberty often experience these pains for years. They usually try several approaches to relieve the pain without prescription medications or major lifestyle changes and are unsuccessful. Common early treatments might include daily exercise and a healthy diet to maintain a low overall body weight. Additional choices include strengthening exercises for the back, neck, shoulders, and core muscles. Although it’s still important to continue with a healthy lifestyle following the surgery, breast reduction may make it easier to stay physically fit. 

Increase physical activity following a breast reduction

The strain large breasts put on the body can make it difficult to complete many physical activities. Student-athletes often have trouble finding sports bras that provide enough support to compete effectively against others and limiting their options. Additionally, injuries and chronic pain from excess weight can lead to less motivation to stay active, leading to additional gains in body fat. 

A decrease in activity isn’t limited to physical fitness. Depending on their size, women with heavy breasts can get out of breath faster because of the pressure on the lungs. In return, you may have problems with sitting for long periods of time doing office work or playing musical instruments. Other tasks, such as jobs that require long hours of standing, can become impossible or severely limited. Many patients report a new lease on life after recovering from their breast reduction surgery. 

Stop painful rashes under the breasts

Skin-on-skin friction and heat can cause regular rashes that are often painful. Because of their location, infections can occur that require extra caution, discomfort, and antibiotics that lower the body’s resistance to fight off other attacks. Also known as intertrigo, it happens because of the moist conditions in the crevice under the breast. The rash can cause red, itchy, irritated skin. Sometimes these rashes develop a foul smell as a result of the bacteria growth. 

Increase the quality of sleep

Women with large breasts often complain of trouble sleeping. Between back and neck pain and problems getting comfortable, they have less uninterrupted sleep than women with smaller breasts. Following surgery, some patients can return to sleeping in positions that promote better sleep, such as on the stomach. 

Improve self-image

Large breasts often come with excess attention that’s not always welcomed. Some patients report feeling that the size of their breasts overshadowed who they were as a person. Women have said that after a reduction, they feel more confident in their self-image. This provides a much-needed lift in self-esteem and emotional health.

In addition, as women age, larger breasts tend to sag more than smaller ones. After years of other problems related to the size, this change is a reason to consider a reduction. The lift that occurs with your chest can do the same for your mood.

As mentioned, finding a sports bra that fits with a large cup size is difficult. The same struggle occurs regularly with all types of clothing. It’s hard to find bras, shirts, sweaters, dresses, nightgowns, bathing suits, and jackets that fit. The chances of finding something that looks great, fits good, and is comfortable are slim to none. If you do find clothes that work for you, they’ll cost more money because they have more materials. These fights can put your mental health through the wringer. 

Reduce nerve pain 

If you don’t find a well-fitting bra, you could develop nerve pain by compressing the small nerve fibers in your breasts. Along with compression from the bra, the weight can lead to a pinched nerve in the spine.  Also, watch the straps. Ones that are too tight can cause shoulder and neck pain in addition to neuropathy.

Breast reduction procedures have a high satisfaction rate, with patients reporting a boost in their overall wellness and quality of life. A 10-year study concluded that 95% of the participants would have the surgery again. If you have large breasts that are affecting your physical and mental health, reduction surgery may help.