Arden Alexa unveils the EP ’22: Navigating emotions post-breakup

"After a dramatic friend breakup left me feeling both sad and angry, I needed an outlet to help me get over the grief of losing my childhood best friend"
27 November 2023

‘22 is a brand new EP from young San Franciscan singer-songwriter Arden Alexa. The record is a chronicle of young adulthood, a vibrant collection of thoughts and feelings put to a sparkly soundscape from a burgeoning pop princess, as she journeys down the avenue of modern pop music, with her way paved by the icons of her generation, and some of her biggest musical influences, the likes of Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Olivia Rodrigo. With ’22, Arden has made the bold move of exploring and developing her sound and taking the leap of faith into her career as an indie artist, all the while wearing her heart on her sleeve.

Raised in San Francisco, Arden developed a passion for music during her high school years. Transitioning into a full-time artist in June 2022, she has dedicated herself to refining her craft and finding her unique sound. 

’22 is, at its’ core, a processing of emotions after a break-up. Each track is laden with the grief, anger, sadness that comes with the end of any relationship, be it romantic or platonic. Each track serves as a documentation of the ups and downs of young adulthood, and the first touches of heartbreak.  As a young adult, Arden uses her voice and her pen to describe the all too familiar transitionary period of growing up, leaving your teenage years behind, stepping into adulthood, and leaving behind the things that connect you to your younger years, even if it hurts. With this record, Arden documents her own healing process, making those difficult first steps towards moving on. 

“After a dramatic friend breakup left me feeling both sad and angry, I needed an outlet to help me get over the grief of losing my childhood best friend,” Arden elaborated. “What began as just a joke quickly turned into a sort of therapy for me, a way to channel my anger into something so outrageously fun that I was able to work through my feelings about the situation.”

Arden takes the listener on an emotional journey through the peaks and valleys that she herself experienced during this period in her life through only a few tracks. The record starts with Strawberry Pie, a track with a bittersweet melody, all about the sting of first love. This leads us into the somber, heartfelt track State of Mind, with lyrics coming straight from the depths of Arden’s artistic soul, and gives her a chance to show off the clear, beautiful quality of her voice. 

From here, she launches straight into Petty Bitch, a lively, catchy pop song with a rock n’ roll edge, infused with Arden’s gorgeous vocals and fun lyrics, the track is jam-packed with that tongue-in-cheek, youthful charm that sets Arden aside and gives her that irresistible element of relatability, as the themes of this record will be sure to hit home with so many of her listeners.

’22 is an unmissable record from this exciting new pop artist, especially for any pop aficionados with a penchant for an artist with such punchy, outspoken lyrics and a defined voice with her finger placed firmly on the pulse of her own generation.