Architects of Grace made their return this year with EP ‘Outsiders’, 5 years since debut album ‘Moments in Time. The project is spearheaded by Duncan Robert, the face, voice and brain of the band.

Back in 2011, ‘Moments In Time’ was a gloomy indie affair, with promise. ‘Outsiders’ borrows the gloomgaze, goth influences of the first records but adds a more cerebral touch. Robert doesn’t like to talk too much about what his songs are about but guessing from the lyrics, there are elements of love lost and that feeling of being an ‘outsider’ as the title track suggests. The layers of sound and the general feel of the tracks are superb but the marmite vocals can be a little grating at times – the music would benefit from an injection of femininity.

‘Outsiders’ is a great return and it sounds like Duncan has found his footing with the tracks on this EP, it will be interesting to see what he has up his sleeve for 2017.

By Logan Cruddington