APOLLO BEBOP Highlight The Women In Their Lives With YOU AIN’T GOTTA WORRY

Apollo Bebop’s newest offering is dedicated to the women in their lives, and is rammed with smooth bass lines and chilled-out beats. Brian from the group says:  “I grew up with mostly women in my life. I saw first-hand how much more women have to work in this society. Fighting stereotypes, gender-inequality, etc. To me, women are the most resilient people on the planet.” 

This is not a song to say I’ll be their hero, rather a supporter if they need one, a helping hand if they want it, and an appreciator of their work. As a male, I feel I need to let women know I stand by them and also remind other men to know to appreciate and acknowledge the work women do.”

For those of you who don’t know, Apollo Bebop are a Santa Ana-based jazz/hip-hop quintet, and they have been building off the likes of John Coltrane and A Tribe Called Quest.  Apollo Bebop is redefining and innovating hip hop as it’s known today through their authenticity and raw energy.